CLOSING: musical performance

Kyle Shepherd is the second musical performance included in the conference. Mancoba strove for his art to speak universally in the way he believed music does. Shepherd’s interest in the relationship between image and music thus seemed a fitting way to help conclude the day’s discussion on Mancoba.

It is with regret that the recording of Shepherd’s performance was not of a good enough quality to post. Find out more about Shepherd’s music here:

Kyle Shepherd is a Cape Town-based pianist and composer.  In 2014 he won Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year (music).  Whilst he is summarized as a Jazz musician, counting Abdullah Ibrahim, Zim Ngqwana, Robbie Jansen, Keith Jarrett and Jason Moran as inspirations, his influences also extend to the traditional rhythms, melodies and harmonies of Cape Town, South Africa.  As he puts it, “My music is a direct representation of my traditions and the lineage of artists that came before me, and I am merely a portrait of their mastery.”  This heritage, kaleidoscopic in sources, he shares with Ernest Mancoba.